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Sherman Easy 8 Conversation
Tiger 1 Night shoots
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Trailers for Tamiya Semi-tractors
1/14 and 1/16 scale Trucks
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Tamiya 56301 King Hauler manual
 1/14 scale R/C Forktruck
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4:1 Gear-Reduction for 1/14 scale Tamiya's Semi-Trucks
modified 4-1 gear-reduction
6WD King Hauler
3:1 Gear-Reduction for 1/14 scale  Tamiya's  Semis-Trucks
7:1 Gear-reduction for Tamiya's 1/14 scale Semi-Trucks
Gear-reduction for Tamiya's Dump Truck
special Tires and Rims for 1/14 scale Tamiya's Semi-Trucks
Details Custom Semi-tractor tires
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The Ultimate Blackfoot
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Conversion kits and parts
Dog-bone conversion kit for :                                                                                                                                     Tamiya's Frog / Subaru Brat / Blackfoot / Monster Beetle / Mud Blaster / Wild One / FAV
Super Frog
Super Frog 2
Title 97
Our Gestbook
Monster-trucking in Germany
Wild Dagger Tuning
Wild Dagger Tuning Stufe 2
Wild Dagger tuning Step1 and 2 partslist
Wild Dagger Tuning  Stufe 3 Extrem
Wild Dagger Fahrwerk
Willys Wild Dagger
Fahrtenregler / ESC's
Baja Monster Tires
Juggernaut Tuning
Juggernaut2  LWB  modifications
tuned Juggernaut
Project Juggernaut
Low Batterie-mount Juggernaut
E-Maxx Tuning
Bestell-infos E-maxx
E-maxx tuning parts and pricing
installation of accessories       E-maxx
Tips und Tricks E/T-maxx
E-Maxx Ersatzteile
Wider is Better
E-maxx 8:1 Gear-reduction
E-maxx Videos
Tamiya 1/16 M26 Pershing tank
Die Panzerseite
the Tanker section
Tank gear-reductions
Update on Tank-gear-reductions
Tiger 1 with New King Tiger gearboxes
Installation tank-gear-reductions
Installation gear-reductions New King Tiger
Installation gearreductions for Tiger 1 with New King Tiger gearbox's
tank chassis re-enforcment-plates
New Rear Idler System for Tamiyas Tigers
Tank gearreduction photos
Tank gear-reduction details
Tank gear-reduction Sherman
Tank gear-reduction for Tiger 1
Gearboxes for Bandai Tanks
Leopard DMD conversion
R/C Tank-battle in Danville VA   2003
R/C Tank-battle in Danville VA page 2
R/C Tank-battle in Danville VA page 3
R/C Tank-battle in Danville VA page 4
R/C Tank-battle in Danville VA page 5
R/C Tank-battle in Danville VA page 6
R/C Tank-battle in Danville VA page 7
Tank-battle-field Layout
6WD tank-transporter
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