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Welcome to our world of R/C cars /
                              trucks / tanks  and more............

                                                  FC 12-31-2015
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A lot has happened in the past  years ,
and I didn't had enough time to update this main-website all the time ,
the most recent updates are done within the individual sections :

Trucks - Tanks and Events !

Please check the navigation-index for the individual sub-categories
More updates will follow


New TankACE website :
with events-schedule

R/C Tank-battle-events in Danville,VA ( this link gets you to my events section )

here is the link to the :
where these events take place every few months....

( my own AAF-Museum page with lot of info's ! )

AAF-TankMuseum events schedule

it all started in 2003 , check out this recap !

below the photos from the previous events.............
( for all past battle-events go to my events-section ! )

click my"new-tank-transporter" for more photos  ........10/19/2003 New 7
and here now Video's from the Danville Tank-Battle-Field :
Overview.....                              Tiger 1 arrives in Danville...... behind a Tiger 1 in Town....

 Tiger 1 leaves Town.....         behind the Tractor....
click on the photos above to watch or download the video's !

here all 5 videos in one on my youtube channel :


Trucker-section :

and you can find me also in these forums :

anybody interested getting together for
" indoor-all-wheel-drive-and-semi-trucker-events " ???
We are doing it now !
since the Thanksgiving 2009 weekend !
at the AAF-Tank-museum in Danville,VA
click here for more info's !
semi-trucks , construction vehicles , scale 4WD's ,
crawlers , monster-trucks , collector car's ..etc...
everybody is welcome !

some items now available for secure purchase online !

jetzt online einkaufen !

US Mini-Trucker-Show's
2005 till 2012
click here for more infos

see Tamiya's R/C history on Video from the early 80's till today !

NEW : modified 4:1 gear-reduction for Tamiya and other trucks
now also a video , check out how smooth this setup works....

and : 6WD King Hauler
new 6WD conversion-kits are in the works !
will be posted soon !

some of my previous Project's :
( this is now old stuff , check my events-section for the most recent new creations )

click the image's above to see more new photos !
Oldtimer with Low-loader / Tank-transporter / Zement-mixer.........

      NEU Die Panzerseite               the "Tanker"page NEW
                                        Update on Tank-gear-reductions

1/14 Mercedes Benz 3850 6x4 "Supertruck"     
                            click on photos or above link , to see more
the daytime-photos from MB 3850 are posted now !

                            New Rear Idler System for Tamiyas Tigers
                                             and Susspension Upgrade

     21 st Century 1/6 scale M5 Stuart R/C tank
                                                      now with battle-system upgrade !

Paintball-battle with R/C tanks ..
check out my new section about Marui's 1/24 scale R/C tanks

 Krupp Titan and Buessing 8000 ( 1/16 )
                                                                                Half-truck Project first video
1/14 and 1/16 scale Trucks

to see some of my R/C video's ,
go to my "video's-overview-page" by clicking on the film-reel's

"Bigger is better"  you got to see this !!!
 1/10 "Monster-truck"                     click on image to see more of this past event can be found here :
           Indy 2006 R/C trucking event photos

1/6  "Willy's Jeeps"                                   click on images to see more
my newest 1/6 scale Jeep !

NEU : Monster-trucking In Germany !
An meine Deutschen Hobby-Freunde :
hier entsteht eine Neue Sektion die Monster-Trucking in Deutschland behandelt !
Bitte schaut hier unbedingt mal rein !
well ..who ? ..what is this ??...
nanu , was'n das'den???...

                                                   New Monster-Project !

      Hallo meine Deutschen Monstertrucker Freunde!
Immer mal wieder in die Monsterseite reinschauen .
Werde da mehr und mehr Updates reinpacken.
Neu : Wild Dagger               NEU : WD-Antriebswellen ! Neu: Fahrtenregler Daten  /  Monsterreifen / Infos
Suspension-upgrade                Motor Data /   ESC data  /      Monster-truck-tires /  
Fahrwerksverbesserung                      Battery-charging /
( fuer den "normalen Geldbeutel"!) und:      
      Demnaechst : Juggernaut-und E-Maxx-Tuning      NEW Juggernaut2  LWB  modifications

                                         Hummer , based on an TXT-1 chassis :

Wild Dagger Tuning UPDATE: Step 2 and Step 3 "Extrem"
jetzt auch komplette WILD DAGGER Upgrade-kits : "Buget" - "Sport" und "Pro" Version
                "Budget"                                     "Sport"                                     "PRO"

HOT: E-Maxx         HOT: Ultimate Clod Buster Chassis
inklusive Versand USA-Deutschland !
E-maxx tunings-parts

New , HOT : E-maxx 8:1 Zusatzgetriebe / Gear-reduction !

        click here to see some of our modified R/C cars                      
NEW   "Wider is Better !"   Willy's Wide-track E-maxx      click the driver to see some of our R/C cars

                                               E-maxx Videos                                E-maxx videos

      Videos , click here,
            the history of Tamiya R/C cars !

check this out :Tamiya's 1/16 scale Tiger 1 in action   
updated video-link , now on my youtube channel

  more photos :       Tiger 1 Night shoots          Tiger 1 daytime

                                               we wish you all  
 a happy  and successful 2016 !
and don't forget :
Work is not everything ! Get a hobby !
enjoy Live ! Have fun with the R/C  hobby!
   from Willy & Yvonne

This page is always under construction !