1/14 and 1/16 scale Trucks

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I am working on a new subcategory for the trucks !
this new section will be located at :

   New Truck-creations

check out the video of my Tank-transporter :

low RPM motor for old Tamiya tanks :WWR Truckpuller motor

  1/14 scale R/C Forktruck

  4:1 Gear-Reduction for 1/14 scale Tamiya's Semi-Trucks

 NEW : modified 4-1 gear-reduction

 NEW : 6WD King Hauler

  3:1 Gear-Reduction for 1/14 scale  Tamiya's  Semis-Trucks

   special Tires and Rims for 1/14 scale Tamiya's Semi-Trucks

   Details Custom Semi-tractor tires

   Tools , Screws and other materials

   1/14 Mercedes-Benz 3850

   Mercedes Benz race-trucks



  WWR Truckpuller motor

   7:1 Gear-reduction for Tamiya's 1/14 scale Semi-Trucks

   Gear-reduction for Tamiya's Dump Truck

 1/14 - 1/16 Axle's

preview of Tamiya Trucks with Wedico trailers

Trailers for Tamiya Semi-tractors

even thought there is the word out there that Wedico 1/16 scale Trailers do not match with
Tamiya's 1/14 Semi-tractors , I got me the "Wedico Lowboy" and the "Wedico Drop-deck" .
and I must say , they fit !( some modifications , but minor ) judge for yourself !
I will soon add some more ( and better ) photos
 and also a King Hauler converted to a "true US-Truck" with Wedico accessories

 1/14 and 1/16 scale Truck accessories

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