Video CD's early 1980 Tamiya R/C car Videos V2
                            TV-screen-shot, Video-CD-playback from Computer to TV
these videos are 352x240 high quality mpg-files I just finished . these videos are made for full-sceen playback .
You can set your media-player to 200% zoom .
If you have a video-card ore DVD player in your Computer with TV out , you can watch these Video's also full-screen on your TV .
These Video's are digital remastered with 3000 kb/sec in MPEG-format and NTSC (USA)-color-standard . (also in PAL ( Europe ) standard available ! )
( regular Video-CD's are only 1150 kb/sec )
please remember these clips are made from 20 year old VHS tapes !
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You will see a lot of action in these videos . Jumps , off-road-racing, street-racing, close-ups with detailed and cut-away views. These Videos are converted from original Tamiya promotional videos from the early 1980ís.
Following Tamiya R/C cars are futrued in these videos :
#58015 Rough Rider
#58016 Sand Scorcher
#58017 B2B Racing Sidecar
#58023 Holiday Buggy
#58024 Sand Rover
#58025 VW Golf Racing Gr. 02 (CS)
#58026 Renault 05 Turbo
#58027 Ford F-150 Ranger XLT
#58028 Toyota 4x4 Hilux Pickup (4WD)
#58029 Blazing Blazer 4x4 (4WD)
#58030 Honda Formula 02 (CS)
#58031 Brabham BT-50 BMW Turbo
#58032 Tornado RM. MK. 03
#58033 Ford C-100 RM. MK. 04
#58034 Super Champ
#58035 Wild Willy
#58041 Frog
#58042 Porsche 956 RM Mk. 05
#58043 Grasshopper
#58044 Mitsubishi Pajero
#58045 Hornet
#58046 Fast Attack Vehicle
#58047 Hotshot (4WD)
#56004 King Tiger with production Turret

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Please note:
If you purchase this CD set you agree to:
To use this Video CD-set ( 2 CD's , close to 50 minutes of video )only for your personal enjoyment and do not make any additional copies from these CDís. If you like more then 1 set I will make a bulk-price. For me as a private person is it to costly to put a copyright on these CDís. I hope that every true Collector of vintage Tamiya R/C cars will agree with this. It took me a lot of time and effort to produce this Video Cdís from old VHS tapes. I did contacted Tamiya Customer-service in the US to make sure I would not brake any copyright laws. Since I made these Cdís myself( what was not available in the mid 1980ís) and the original VHS Videos are promotional tapes for hobby-stores ( not resale ) there should be no problem here. I hope you can enjoy these Videos from the past as much as I do.
please check my other auctions for more videos!
shipping within the US $5.- by insured priority-mail. Outside the US please contacted me for shipping-cost.

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