6WD King Hauler
here now the first photos of a differnt version to install 6WD in an Tamiya semi tractor
( see also my Globeliner - Tanktransporter , my first Tamiya tractor 6WD project )
I will add more and better photos at a later time .......

I used Tamiya's 3 speed-transmission with an tranfer-case ,
( also installed gear-reduction and 1 of my truck-puller-motor's )
made a 4 link-front-suspension ( like a Monster-truck )
and used oil-shocks instead leave-springs to get a better suspension-travel ...
and of course some off-road-tires....

I will use this "driven-front-axle-setup"  now in all my Tamiya 6WD tractor-projects ...,
like in my "Military-truck"......

more gear-reduction options , ( shown below ) ,
they just need to be mounted upside down ....

3:1 Gear-Reduction for 1/14 scale  Tamiya's  Semis-Trucks
 7:1 Gear-reduction for Tamiya's 1/14 scale Semi-Trucks

soon available :

comments , idea's , question's , need some part's.......?...