New Rear Idler System for Tamiyas Tigers
and Susspension Upgrade


here a sneek-preview of my NEW King Tiger rear-idler-system

basicly I use here 2x 4mm Shafts supported with a pillow-block in the middle
and 2x 3mm plates on the outside with bearings
( in the moment bushings , but I will change that to bearings ) ..
the outer idler-arm is machined from steel ( alumium was here not strong enought )
and clampted on the shafts via setscrews ..
the original idler-shaft gets inserted into that new outer arm ...
on the inside you have 2 arms ( alumium ) connected via the shocks
to the upper portion of the chassis-reinforcement ....
this is a very ridged setup , no bending from the rear-idlers anymore plus a lot more travel ..
this is designed for the use of these heavy metal-tracks ....
you have now so much idler-travel that you can get something "big" ( like the size of a ballpoint-pen )
between your front-drive-sprocket and the tracks
( in a battle , we are talking about all the small rocks , what kills an King Tigers tracks )
and it will not give any problems anymore ....
and can be adjusted to your likings ,
plastic-tracks = lower springtension , metal-tracks = higher spring-tension ...
I am planing to make the same system for the Tiger 1 .....
so far everybody at the east-coast-hobby-show was very impressed about this ......
even thought we had no sand or rocks up there ...but ...
I can do a spin-turn with full speed on carpet ( very high tracktion with metal-tracks )
without throwing a track ,or any other problems .....I would consider this as bullet-proof .......

that upgrade-kit will consist out of the following parts :

2x 4mm steel-shafts
4x ball-bearings
2x 3mm chassis-reinfocement-plates ( machined aluminum )
1x center shaft support ( machined aluminum )
1x brace ( machined aluminum )
2x inner-arms ( machined aluminum )
2x outer arms ( machined steel )
2x oil-shocks
2x differnt set of springs ( soft and hard )
1x set of spacers ( to adjust spring tension on the shocks )
misc screws and pins

the whole conversation kit will be configured
that you can install it without any major modifications  to the original hull ....
excepted I will recommend to drill a few existing holes bigger
( the ones holding the original idler-setup ) ,
so larger screws can be used .....and you have to cut out a piece of plastic on the rear-panel ,
but nothing major at all .......

together with that new suspensions-system , this will be 1 awsome setup !

comments , questions ........