modified 4-1 gear-reduction
here now my modified version of the previous 4:1 gear-reduction...
in the past I preferred to use my own 3:1 gear-reduction over the 4:1 gear-reduction ,
because of :
the flimsy plastic-case ,
the need for custom-drive-shafts
could not be installed in a short wheel-base Globeliner-chassis
and the main thing , the design ....
I never liked the idea to have a shaft turning inside a gear without any bushings or bearings,
....I am talking about the input and output shaft ......see the 4th photo ( modified with a ball-bearing )

now since the new Knight Hauler Truck ( not really a lot of space under the hood )
I considered the 4:1 gear-reduction again , but with some major modifications :

aluminum case
fully ball-bearings , even between the input and output shaft
different drive-shaft-system to be adapted in different wheelbase trucks.....
with hardened steel U-joints

now I am happy with the results and it's now a super smooth and strong gear-reduction

judge for yourself and check the photos......

video from this gearreduction in action , check out how smooth this setup works !

( don't pay any attention to the unbalanced tires , little glitch...,
......and sorry about the background noise , was filmed outdoors )    ( 14.89MB )

here now how it looks installed in a new Knight Hauler chassis :

Willy - CustomRCmodels 02/2004

email me for any questions :