Wider is Better





                    Stock E-maxx                  Performace Suspension plus Offset Rims

the Performance Suspension in combination with the deep offset rims improves dramatically the handling of this "beast" . With a properly tweaked suspension is it now almost impossible to flip this beast over ,
even thought I used Prolines Masher 2000 tires ( much better Grip as the stock tires ).
It wouldn't be a bad idea to use a stronger steering servo since with the deep offset rims the
steering servo has to work harder ( the pivot point of the tire is off center by the deep offset rims )
especially if you use some real "gripper's" like I did .

I would recommend by the use of the Performance suspension
to install the stronger drive-shafts like the CVD's ,
at least on the rear-axle !
otherwise this will happen :
twisted Drive-shaft !

the aluminum suspension arms I installed ,have the same dimensions
as the Proline Performance suspension arms !

Stock E-maxx   plus deep offset Rims                             ( Frank's "Baby")

Performance suspension plus deep offset Rims         ( Willy's "Bad Boy")

as you can see , now it's about time to install some "serious horse-power"

but that I will do........next time.....next week..????....  

Willy Loewer
USA    August 2002