Clod Buster 4WD Monster
back in time , my Clod Buster wake's up after 12 years!

"The Monster" what started the "Big Tire 4 WD mania"

Finally , after 2 years in a box ( since I brought this truck back from Germany )
my modified Clod saw daylight again , even thought it was a rainy day .
If you may remember , besides the Blackfoot , this "real"Monster-truck
started it all back in the late 80's early 90's.
Out of the box this truck was just screaming for upgrades and changes .
So I created what you see in the photos below .
excepted of the rims and the motors , this truck is unchanged as I had build it back in the early 90's .
To that time this was a real "work of art".
Even thought these days many modified Clods are out there , I think this "baby"
still attracts some attention , judge for your self .
Original I used 550 type motors with 5 pol armatures 12 volt , low RPM's ( about 15.000 )
but with a lot of torque , especially since I changed the gear-ratio from original 30:1 to 40:1,
by using smaller motor-pinions ( motor's installed with adjustable motor-mounts ).
As power-source I used a self-made "10 pack" , 10 NiCad cells in series,
controlled over a Tekin Titan ( to that time the most powerful reversing ESC ).
Of course I had to bring this beast back to live !
Since the original motors had seen better days , I replaced them with today's
550 type 17 turn's 14,4 volt monster-power . Together with a "12 pack 3000mAh NiMH" and a 14,4 volt ESC ,
it came back to live with some serious earthshaking power . Almost a little to much .....
Since only the ESC and the receiver are mounted on the upper frame , it takes more then
45 degrees incline to make this beast flip over sideways .
The body is replaced with a Lexan body , what also saved some weight on the upper 1/2 of the truck.
Usually I use self-made protection-guards for the gearboxes ( to keep the chrome nice and shiny )
when this truck goes in action .
Soon I will post some more photos and articles about this 12 year old classic .