click the photo above to see more detailes

click the photo above to see more detailes










click here to see more details on my Military Truck I use as "Puller" for this low-boy

check out the video of my Tank-transporter :

here some small detail stuff to chain the tank's down on the trailer's :

here are some photos of my old Sherman : Old Sherman
and some Tiger 1 photos : Tiger 1 Night shoots     Tiger 1 daytime

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if anybody is interested  in these special trucks ,
contacted us , I am starting to prepare conversion-kit's , complied truck-kit's ,
and custom-build truck's for sale .
Just let us know what you are looking for .
More photos are coming soon .........

here now my newest gear-reduction !
this way you also can mount larger motor's , like this 12 volt 17 turn 550 type "powerhouse".
Since this gear-reduction is mounted on the input-side from the transmission ,
it also can be used for Trucks with short wheelbase .
more info soon........

the gear-ratio on this gear-reduction is variable , depending what pinion's are used .
The max gear-reduction is 3.8 to 1 on the motor-input-shaft and about 0.8 to 1 on the output-shaft ,
what = about to a true 3:1 gear-reduction .
since I use hear a 13 tooth pinion ( 14 tooth on the photo ) . Original is a 10 tooth pinion used .
The pinion on the out-put-shaft has a 5 mm bore instead of the usual 3.2 mm
( because of the size of the main-shaft of the gear-reduction )
I will produce these gear-reduction's in a small series ,
means , they are for sale .
Ask also for motor and speed-controll options .

here my special low rpm motor for Trucks and Tanks :
WWR Truckpuller motor

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